A new step for COMBAT


COMBAT – Measures against Human Trafficking in the Tourist Industry team.

The project started in October 2014 and has now completed analyzing the phenomenon of human trafficking in the EU, entering the stakeholder-interviewing phase.

Taking this next step called for a team meeting, which we were honored to host. Participants were Simonetta Manfredi, Kate Clayton Hathaway, Maureen Brookes and Emma Meats from Oxford Brookes University, Alexandros Paraskevas and Angela Roper from University of West London, Nikko Niemisalo and Pekka IIvaari from Lapland University of Applied Sciences, and Mădălina Mocan, Mihai Cazacu, Andreea Salvan and Lavinia Gliga from CRD.

The meeting agenda was dense, as the team did a progress update and set new goals for the following months.

The research report that offers an overview of human trafficking in the EU, complete with policy frameworks, movement streams and national and international networks, will be uploaded on the project’s web site. The literature review is also complete, and will be processed along with information from the research report in a comprehensive report that will contextualize human trafficking within the EU, with special focus on the hospitality industry.

Interviewing all relevant stakeholders – hotel managers, authorities, human trafficking and tourism NGOs etc. – is an important step, since it will provide key information for the main goal of the project: designing a training kit that will offer step-by-step guidance for tourism companies in combatting human trafficking.

Outside the busy working schedule, our partners also met with some of our local collaborators and human trafficking specialists, and Alexandros Paraskevas, professor of strategic risk management, gave an interview about the human trafficking phenomenon to the regional newspaper Vocea Transilvaniei (the two articles, in Romanian, are here and here).


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